Old houses have character.
   It's seen in the depth and crispness of the
  details, the careful workmanship, the accurate references to history, and the natural way the building elements relate to each other. If you want to maintain that character when you repair, restore or build new, you need a source that doesn't compromise on those original details.
Welcome to the home of J. P. Moriarty Millwork! We're still an old-style woodworking mill where you can find the widest variety of interior and exterior woodwork for almost any style old building, manufactured under one roof. We make millwork the way it's always been made, to historically accurate, full dimension patterns from selected hardwoods and softwoods.
Our website is the most comprehensive resource on the web for authentic old house millwork spanning 300 years of architectural styles, together with historical and technical information for each molding and building element. The heart of the site is our Main Catalog, an extensive resource of original millwork patterns, including doors, windows, straight and curved moldings, balusters, spindles, brackets, porch parts, stair parts and much more. For selected items kept in stock for immediate delivery, please go to our In-Stock Catalog.
To learn more about the style of your old house click House Tour for a pictorial tour of the neighborhood. If you're technically minded, or just interested in how things are done, click Tour Our Shop to see pictures of skilled woodworkers going about their daily tasks.
In Portfolio, you can view pictures of jobs where our work has been used.

To order a print version of our     In-Stock catalog, click Order Catalog. For more information  about our company and how to use this site, click Information.

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